Senior Portrait Model Call - Flower Mound, TX

Before it starts to cool down, (which seems like never) I wanted to take advantage of one of my favorite lakeside spots to do some senior portraits. This location has it all: gorgeous sunset, water, beautiful landscape, and a beach. This sweet PESH senior was so easy to work with. She didn't mind getting wet, sandy, dirty, all the things! I couldn't have asked for a better shoot.....until it was time to pack up and leave. I didn't bring my backpack as I knew I'd be getting in the water too, so I brought my phone and car key in my pocket. Big mistake! I set them down by my shoes so we could get some shots in the water, and when I went to gather my things and go home my car key was missing. I didn't panic at first. I figured it had fallen between some rocks. It didn't. So me, my model, her dad, and some random guy on the beach began searching everywhere. The sun had set, and we were running out of daylight. I had given up hope, called my husband, and was going to wait by my car when the dad found my key. The only scenario I can think of is there was a guy and two dogs playing fetch, and I think one of the dogs must have picked up my key and moved it. The spot where he found it was no where near where we had shot. However it got moved, I'll never know why but I will never make that mistake again. If I don't use my backpack, I have a fanny pack as backup. My keys and phone will never leave my side again! Lesson learned.