Holiday Photoshoots – Allen, Texas

It has been a while since I did Christmas/Holiday “mini” sessions, and I don’t know why I stopped. Holiday photoshoots are always a ton of fun because everyone dresses so festive and there are usually some sort of props involved.

This year I used a bench I had made from my headboard that I had as a child, which also belonged to my grandmother. It made a perfect spot for families to sit. I also had festive pillows, d├ęcor, blankets, mistletoe, and even snow.

Several families signed up, and each one had their own flare. Everyone was so willing to make the shoot very candid and fun.

I found the most perfect spot in Allen, Texas that gave you a very Christmasy vibe. It had a winding sidewalk with a tunnel of Evergreen trees and a big open space that made it feel like you were in a Christmas tree farm. I really want to keep that location to myself and use it again next Winter!

I received so many Christmas cards from my clients displaying my work, and it gave me the best feeling. Next time I won’t drop the ball and wait until it’s too late to order Christmas cards of my own family!

Did you know I offer Christmas card prints? In fact, I offer high quality photo prints of all kinds. When I send my clients’ galleries, they have the option to purchase prints as well as the digitals. Don’t skimp on quality prints. It makes a huge difference on how your images print on paper.

Check out my setup below, plus some of my favorite shots from my holiday photoshoots. And look out for Spring mini sessions!! If we can all survive this extremely cold weather we are about to get here in North Texas. Brr!