Outdoor Family Photography – Ennis, TX

I had the wonderful privilege of taking family photos of one of my long-time friends in Ennis, Texas. We had been planning it a while, but her daughter and husband have a very busy rodeo schedule. We ended up making a date in the summer out at their home in the country. Oh, did I mention she does outdoor family photography as well? Yeah, talk about intimidating!

They live past the city limits on some acreage and have lots of cute farm animals. As soon as I pulled up, I was greeted by several dogs and cats. It was hot out, but we knew that was unavoidable. They were great sports even with the heat.

We started in their pasture with the cows in the background. We then took some shots in front of their house (that her husband built by the way). At the end, we got their horses out of the barn and did some photos with them.

Everyone including the animals was so photogenic! Their daughter was very comfortable in the front of the camera. She is obviously used to her mama taking photos of her! And I was totally surprised by how easy-going the dad was! He was totally willing to do all of the silly things I asked of him.

In the end, we got some gorgeous candid shots of a gorgeous family on their beautiful farm. It was just the spark that I needed to re-ignite my flame for family photography. I cannot wait to see what Fall brings!!

Take a look at some of the photos from this beautiful Summer outdoor family photography session. And if ever you are considering including your pets in your family photos, don’t hesitate! Always bring the pets. I am a huge animal lover, and I love photographing the relationship between humans and animals.