Couples Photography – McKinney TX

This session set my soul on fire! I haven’t done a couples photography session in a hot minute because I’ve been so busy with family photography.

So here is a little backstory on this cute young couple…. Their prom was canceled back in 2020 because of COVID, so they never got to do their senior traditions like most kids get to do. A lot of kids got their senior year taken away from them by the pandemic. I was so happy that they wanted to recreate that “prom” vibe a couple years later to make up for it.

When I saw them step out of the car, I was blown away. I couldn’t wait to get started with our couples photography shoot in Downtown McKinney. She had on a gorgeous flowing green dress and he was wearing a tux and matching bowtie. There is just something about taking photos in formal wear.

After our introductions, they were ready to take my direction. They were so comfortable in front of the camera and had an obvious chemistry that showed through in their photos. I ended up taking over 1,500 photos. Haha!

We walked all over Downtown McKinney and used several different backgrounds, but my absolutely favorite was the garage rooftop. The sun was setting and the light was perfect. I had a really hard time narrowing these photos down to edit, which is a good problem to have.

After all of the back to back family sessions I have done through the Fall season, this couples photography session was like a breath of fresh air. I need more of these in my life, like now! But I will always appreciate all of the business I get from my wonderful families.

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot, but really I could attach the entire gallery because they are all so amazing.