College Grad Photos – Senior Photography Texas

Senior photography isn’t just about the high schoolers, let’s not forget about college grad photos. Some people skimp on having their photos done for college graduation (I am guilty of this). Graduating college is an even bigger accomplishment than high school and it should be recognized.

The two kids featured in this post are brother and sister. They both graduated high school with two years of college already completed. Mikayla just finished her college education at Texas A&M, while her younger brother just completed high school with part of his college career already done at University of North Texas. He is going on to University of Texas to finish up, while she got a good paying gig as a chemical engineer.

But before all of that takes place, we had to take some photos to celebrate their successes. It was my first time shooting in College Station, and wowza it is a big campus! I enjoyed finding cute spots to use for Mikayla’s photos, plus learning all about the school’s history and traditions.

Her little brother thought it would be funny to wear his UT shirt while we walked around the campus. He got a lot of stares and hisses for even daring to walk around in burnt orange. We cracked up laughing about it all.

Within a couple days, we then traveled up to Denton, TX to do Mason’s graduation photos. I took some of him in Downtown Dallas (see previous post), but these were his cap & gown photos that we did on campus. UNT is another school that prides itself on tradition. I love the vibe at that school. Everyone seems so upbeat and happy, even the animals. I stopped to take photos of the locals that hang around the campus. Plenty of squirrels and rabbits.

While high school senior photography always holds a special place in my heart, there is just something super special about photographing a college grad. Below are some photos from both the Texas A&M campus and University of North Texas. Check them out!