Child Photography – McKinney, TX

Child photography is one of my most challenging yet fulfilling types of photography. I just love how candid and animated kids can be for the camera, but there is definitely that challenge of getting a smile out of a cranky or shy kiddo. This is where you have to get creative.

I often enlist mom or dad or older siblings to get smiles out of the smaller kids. Many times just some love and affection does the trick. I swear little kids can totally feel their parents’ energy, so I try to get the mom and dad to relax before our shoot starts.

If that doesn’t work, then it’s time for me to get silly. I do not hold back on the silliness to make a child laugh and smile. I do silly songs, silly faces, silly noises, silly dances, whatever works! Am I sweaty and exhausted when I’m done? Yes! Does it work? Yes! In child photography, we do whatever it takes.

I hear a lot of photographers complain that the most challenging children to photograph is their own. For some reason, I got really lucky in that department. My kids will model for me at any time. My daughter especially! My son, who is now 10, is starting to lose interest, but I can still persuade him sometimes. They both have natural model talent for whatever reason, and I just absolutely love taking pictures of them. For me, it is some of the easiest photography. Because I know my children so well, I can bring out their personalities with no problem.

Recently, my daughter celebrated her 8th birthday. Her birthday is also on the 8th, so this year we celebrated what is called her “Golden Birthday”. We didn’t do a party, but a couple friends and family members came over for lunch and cake. We had a gold cake, gold plates, gold silverware, and gold d├ęcor.

However, the best part of celebrating her golden birthday was doing a photoshoot with her in a beautiful gold sequin gown out in a big field at Erwin Park at sunset. We were the only two people there, and she was excited to twirl around for me in her dress. We had so much fun. The pictures turned out amazing, but I can’t help feeling a little sad. She looks so grown up! I swear if I blink, she will be 18!

Here are some of my favorites from her shoot, which are pretty much all of them. I might be a little biased.