Senior Ambassador Program – Allen, TX

I am so excited to roll out a Senior Ambassador Program this year! I am new to this, but not new to senior photography. My goal is to go further into senior photography because I love it so very much, and a senior ambassador program is just the way to build that. I’ve advertised and … Read more

Ballet Photography – McKinney, TX

It has been a dream of mine for a while to do some ballet photography. I’ve seen some amazing photos of ballerinas, and now my dream finally came true! Recently I was asked to take some photos of a young ballerina here in the McKinney, TX area. She is so passionate about ballet that she … Read more

College Grad Photos – Senior Photography Texas

Senior photography isn’t just about the high schoolers, let’s not forget about college grad photos. Some people skimp on having their photos done for college graduation (I am guilty of this). Graduating college is an even bigger accomplishment than high school and it should be recognized. The two kids featured in this post are brother … Read more

Senior Photography – Legacy West Plano

Senior season ended with a bang. My latest senior photography session took place in Legacy West, a high-end shopping and dining district in Plano, TX. I had no idea what he was going to be wearing at this shoot, nor did I know if he was comfortable in front of the camera. Well to my … Read more

Senior Photography – Allen, McKinney, Plano TX

I have been absolutely blessed with so much senior photography this Spring, and I am loving every minute of it. Senior photography is SO MUCH FUN! And can we just all agree that 18 year old kids these days looking nothing like we did back in the 90’s? I was nowhere near as cool as … Read more

Head Shot Photography – Plano, TX 86

If you are looking to update your head shots, look no further. Yep, I do head shot photography, both outdoors or in your office. I’ve done head shot photos for individuals, modeling, businesses, and dating profiles. That’s right, dating profiles. You’d be surprised the difference professional photos make on your dating profile, No more car … Read more

Arizona Trip

Earlier this month, I went out to the Phoenix area to visit a dear friend of mine and see her new house. She is an amazing photographer, and while I was there we went out looking for pretty spots to take photos. One evening we walked through a river in flip flops trying to find … Read more

Besties in the Sunflowers – Fairview, TX

I continued to take advantage of the gorgeous field of sunflowers by asking my best friend to come along for a shoot with me. We also had the help from another bestie (picture to come later). It was so fun, and I’ve decided we need to do it more often!