Child Photography – McKinney, TX

child photography

Child photography is one of my most challenging yet fulfilling types of photography. I just love how candid and animated kids can be for the camera, but there is definitely that challenge of getting a smile out of a cranky or shy kiddo. This is where you have to get creative. I often enlist mom … Read more

Moore Photoshoot – Dayspring Nature Preserve

It’s summer and it’s hot, so biz has been slow. Oh, and don’t forget we are in a pandemic! But, when my friend said she wants to take a few photos of her sweet little girl with a toothless smile, I was raring to go! We were hot, sweaty, and got eaten up by chiggers, … Read more

Eubanks Grad Photos – Plano, TX

This sweet little girl graduated Kinder and is moving on to 1st. We did some photos at her school, Archgate Montessori. They had the prettiest landscape for the occasion.

Creative Playday Grad Photos – FUMC Allen, TX

As we all know, school got shut down back in March for the remainder of the year. This included the preschool that I taught at. The little pre-k kiddos didn’t get a graduation, so in May I took photos of some of them on our cute KIDS sign out front of the church. They turned … Read more

Christmas with Pugs – Rowlett, TX

I was so excited when I walked in and saw all the pretty Christmas decor and outfits for these cute little pugs to wear in their photos. I’m not gonna lie, it was challenging…. But oh so much fun!

Gray 1st Birthday Smash Cake – Allen, TX

I had these big plans to do a fun shoot in a big tub of water (since it’s August and soooooo hot), but Carter had other plans. He wanted nothing to do with the tub full of water. He also really did not care for digging his hands and face into a cake. So, basically … Read more