Jack’s 9th Birthday

I finally made a point to take real photos of my own child’s birthday party this year. Hosting and photographing can be a little hectic so I sometimes forget. This birthday is one that Jack will never forget. My awesome brother-in-law was the pool party dj for the day, and the kids absolutely loved it. … Read more

Burgener 1st Birthday – Austin, TX


I had the pleasure of taking photos of my youngest nephew’s 1st birthday in July. My sister went all out too! She had fun water activities for kids of all ages, awesome food, music, and decor. I swear she needs to start a party planning business. She’d be amazing! Take a look at the photos … Read more

Teagan’s 3rd Birthday

We celebrated my niece’s 3rd birthday over the Labor Day weekend. It was a unicorn party because that girl LOVES any and all horses at the moment. At the end of the party, we surprised her with a horse you can ride around. I don’t think she’s gotten off of it since!