Birthday Photos – Legacy West Plano

My son was turning 11 this July, and I asked him where he’d like to take his birthday photos this year. He promptly replied, “the Gucci store”. LOL! Here I was thinking that he wanted to go out in a field and run around. Nope, he wanted to dress up and go all out.

His taste is completely different than when I was 11. My wardrobe consisted of frosted denim and New Kids on the Block t-shirts. Now don’t get my wrong, my kids DO NOT wear Gucci, but for some reason the brand is very well-known with the younger crowd.

Before we set out to do the birthday photos, I took him shopping for a new outfit. He wanted to wear slacks, a button down shirt, and a bowtie. We had a lot of fun picking out his clothes. I do love his excitement for fashion, especially shoes. That boy loves shoes (as do I).

My daughter joined in on the fun too. She is way more girly than I ever was, and I love watching her dress up. She would be participating in these birthday photos as well so we looked for a dress for her as well. Nothing in the stores stood out to either one of us, so I took to the Amazon. I found this amazing ball gown for only $40! It was perfect! She loved it.

I decided to take the kids to Legacy West on a Wednesday evening hoping that it wasn’t too busy to get some good shots. There were plenty of people dining, shopping, and walking around, but we made it work. In fact, my kids pretty much acted like they were the only ones in the shopping area while people stopped and stared at me taking their photos. Obviously my kids are very used to having their picture taken!

We shot in front of several of the designer stores including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Tiffany’s, and Gucci. Then we even found a Lamborghini to take some photos with. If you knew my son, you’d know that exotic cars are pretty high up on his list of favorite things (along with shoes)! So I was so glad we got to take a few pics with the cool car in the background.

At the end of it, we stopped in a shop for some gelato before heading home. So many people stopped and complimented their outfits. I think they were happier about that then actually taking photos in said outfits.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings for birthday photos for my two boujee kids. Stay tuned! In the mean time, here are some of my favorites (which are pretty much all of them because I am their mom and I’m not biased at all hahaha!).