Ballet Photography – McKinney, TX

It has been a dream of mine for a while to do some ballet photography. I’ve seen some amazing photos of ballerinas, and now my dream finally came true! Recently I was asked to take some photos of a young ballerina here in the McKinney, TX area. She is so passionate about ballet that she homeschools to free up her days for dance training. Talk about serious dedication!

For our shoot, we decided to use Downtown McKinney. It offers a huge array of background options plus gives you that urban vibe. The weather was perfect, the sunlight was perfect, and of course the ballerina was perfect! She showed up in a black leotard and soft pink tutu. But what I was really excited about was the point shoes!!

I took dance many years ago, but didn’t stick with it long enough to ever take point lessons. Of course now I totally regret that decision. There is just something beautiful and graceful and magical about ballet in point shoes.

During our shoot, I asked her to do several different poses. But the funny part was watching me try to show this expert ballerina the “ballet” pose I wanted her to do. She was very polite about it, but I’m sure in her head she was like… “uh lady, you look ridiculous”. Regardless, the shoot was magical and now all I want to do now is take photos of people doing their crafts.

I really truly hope I get to do more ballet photography in the very near future. In the mean time, I am photographing this particular ballerina and her 2 sisters this weekend. Maybe I’ll ask them all to do ballerina poses for me!!

Here are some of my favorites from our shoot, which are pretty much all of the photos from our shoot. Haha!